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I am Coralie Mercier (also known as koalie), a French white-woman born in 1975. I am the Head of Marketing & Communications at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) where I started working in 1999, which I do remotely from South-East France. I am the mother of Adrien since 2007, the twin sister of Xavier, the daughter of Laurence & André, and resident pets are a Yellow Labrador named Gizmo, a fluffy brown tabby male Siberian cat called Mickey-Raccooon, an old calico female cat named Jack, and an unnamed gold fish.

This is koalie.net, a mostly manually maintained website that came online in 2001.

Until 2014, I posted photos on this site (from my hikes and travels, of family and friends, of events with colleagues, or miscellaneous things). I also posted a few single pages for translationes I hosted. And for many years (2014-2024), I stopped giving love to my site. Life happened. I posted photos on Flickr, then on Pixelfed because manual maintenance for a non-technical person like me is a real barrier.

I've been regularly writing on my blog, though, since 2005, In my blog I show many of my drawings and paintings, review books, share recipes sometimes, notes from travels, and considerations on (personal) growth, health, values, geeking for and outside of W3C where I work.


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