It all started with the logo of a woolly sheep for Bert, to describe to woolly language used for CSS:

Go to the CSS WG page Woolly small See a  
              large Woolly Woolly small Go to the Cascading     
           Style Sheets page

Then Benoît asked me to draw a set of logos for Winie:

Winie-error Winie-ok Click to see   
             the Winie icons page Winie-question Winie

Mid-September 2000, Jacqueline Tchobanian, Head of Communications at INRIA Sophia Antipolis asked me to draw the logo for the local newsletter "les Lucioles" (no link since access is limited to INRIA Sophia folks.)

                click to enlarge

todo: add the olive branch used for the t-shirt of the AC Meeting of Nov. 2001 and the orchid that was used on the t-shirt of AC Meeting of May 2002.

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