USA, 14 Feb. - 03 May 2007

Amy and I co-habited so pleasantly and successfully during the Fall 2006 that I was eager to come back for another 3 month, the maximum allowed on a tourist visa. Although I had met Vlad when I was back in France for Christmas and New Year's eve, my plans to return to the USA were already a done deal. So, mid-February, I was in California for a meeting of the W3C Advisory Board, in Cupertino. Then Vlad visited early March. We experienced the cold cold winter while doing tourism in Boston. We had a wonderful 2-week vacation, after which I was a little tired. It turned out a baby was on the way! Then winter yielded to spring which I enjoyed briefly. It was time to pack all my things to travel to Banff(!) in Canada for the W3C Advisory Committee meeting, and then go back home to Vlad, in France. There is also a flickr set (127 photos).

Glued to TV
Since I had almost 3 hours to wait, I sat in front of these monitors for a long while. I even slept. And when I wasn't sleeping, I looked at how many flights were delayed. 11 monitors for the arrivals, 11 for the departures. They span 2 hours. It's a little more than one arrival and one departure per minute.