Norway, Ireland, 26 June - 02 July 2006

For the last week of my pretty pretty long vacation, I travelled to Norway (Oslo) and Ireland (Galway, Letterfrack, Dublin), Norway (Oslo) again and back.

See also the flickr set (48 photos).

Looking out the window on the NCE-OSL flight.

En route

On the NCE-OSL flight, a half hour before landing. Through the window that is nicely framed with frost I see a clear blue sky and pure white clouds.


A white fence and gate and purple and pink flowers.


Coffee is slowly brewing on the stove, from a pretty vintage Atomic espresso maker.


It's almost 8 p.m. and the sun is still high in the sky. As I was looking out the window I noticed my reflection.

In a tree

I had to take a photo of the norwegian flags in the park, as a token of good faith that I'm in Oslo.


A bird is landing on the water of the pond. Another is floating behind.


A girl reflected in the water of a pond as a bird just landed on the water.


As I was shooting the girl by the pond and the birds, everybody decided to scram.


a couple sitting on the grass in the park, near a stream.


People enjoy the sun in the park. A dense tree projects a very dark shadow.


Leaving Oslo, briefly. From the OSL-DUB flight.

En route

On the OSL-DUB flight, shortly after take-off. The thin hazy clouds caught my eyes.


So we're on the N6, with two more hours to go, by bus.

Which way?

The coach is dashing into the twilight.


A golden sunset in the country of Ireland.


Galway is still an hour away. The sun is setting slowly and there is a mysterious fog hovering in the fields.


This is Galway bus station (at last!), it is 23:25. It was a four-hour journey from Dublin.

In Galway

koalie, 2006