Amsterdam - Monday May 22, 2000

First day of the AC meeting. It's taking place in the Sint-Olofskapel, a chapel belonging to the Golden Tulip Barbizon Palace. It is located on the right side of the hotel, a small street (Zeedijk) separating both and linked by an underground corridor.

I attended Jeff's management report and Tim's director report. Then I attended others, at random, when I felt I had to move from the lobby we, admin support team, were all day, without anything particular to do (since everything was already done).

Yuko wrote emails for most of the day, Lesley sort of growled because of her too narrow shoes until she decided to stop the torture and changed (she changed her entire outfit actually), we didn't see much of Susan and Josiane and I mostly talked about INRIA procedures.

Around 6 or 7 p.m. the troop moved to the Grand Hotel on Oudezijds Voorburgwal for the AC reception. The hotel was really impressive. A sense of luxury slipping of everything from the big entrance, the buidings, the decoration (in particular very good reproductions of Gustav Klimmt paintings) and marvellous garden with fountain and tek furniture.

The dinner took place in a large and very big room, and happened to be very good. At the end of it, Ian and Tim went on the stage and performed a short piece featuring Achilles and the Tortoise, about a library and the controversial fact that a dictionary should or should be found there. Very amusing and very good performance. We all liked it much.

After the dinner I went in a pub with Max, Yves, Benoit, Hugo, Josef Dietl and Henning Fischer. I had an orange juice, which seemed to amuse everyone there, given that they all ordered beer (even the bartender had a frowning look on her face).

05-01-Adam_22may2000_AC_Tim_Directors_questions.JPG (445x479)

05-02-Adam_22may2000_AC_Jeff_pondering_Directors_questions.JPG (548x443)

05-03-Adam_22may2000_AC_Janet_and_Ralph_holding_mic.JPG (548x479)

Janet & Ralph
05-04-Adam_22may2000_AC_Danny_Joseph.JPG (609x376)

Danny & Joseph
05-05-Adam_22may2000_AC_Johan_Martin_Hidetaka.JPG (372x314)
Johan, Martin,
05-06-Adam_22may2000_AC_Vincent_pondering_Directors_questions.JPG (342x415)

05-07-Adam_22may2000_AC_Bert_DanC_Ted_Marja_OresteSignore.JPG (537x331)
Bert, DanC, Ted,
Marja, Oreste Signore
05-08-Adam_22may2000_AC_DanielD_Karl.JPG (535x473)

DanielD & Karl
05-09-Adam_22may2000_AC_DV.JPG (640x480)

05-10-Adam_22may2000_AC_Wendy_HiromiWada.JPG (367x365)

Wendy & Hiromi
05-11-Adam_22may2000_AC_Teole_Janet.JPG (256x452)

Téole & Janet
05-12-Adam_22may2000_AC_Ralph_Susan_Teole.JPG (640x480)

Ralph, Susan, Téole
05-13-Adam_22may2000_AC_an_ACRep_pondering_intensively_and_Vincent_and_HiromiWada.JPG (640x480)
An AC rep
05-14-Adam_22may2000_AC_Yuko.JPG (576x480)

05-15-Adam_22may2000_AC_Ralph.JPG (408x472)

05-16-Adam_22may2000_AC_YammieYuen_Josiane_Lesley.JPG (576x480)
Yammie Yuen, Josiane,
05-17-Adam_22may2000_AC_Ian.JPG (382x582)

05-18-Adam_22may2000_ACReception_Chaals_Karl_and_MaxF_Benoit_Bert_at_the_back.JPG (479x478)
Chaals & Karl, MaxF,
Benoit & Bert behind
05-19-Adam_22may2000_ACReception_Yves.JPG (355x463)

05-20-Adam_22may2000_ACReception_Joseph_eyes_closed_no_flash.JPG (494x476)

Joseph (eyes closed)
05-21-Adam_22may2000_ACReception_Jeff_on_the_throne.JPG (640x480)

Jeff on the throne
05-22-Adam_22may2000_ACReception_Jeff_Ian_and_Tim_very_dark.JPG (640x480)
Jeff, Ian and_Tim
(before IJ & TBL perform)
05-23-Adam_22may2000_ACReception_Ian_and_Tim_performing_Achilles_and_the_Tortoise.JPG (513x476)
Ian & Tim performing
Achilles and the Tortoise
05-24-Adam_22may2000_ACReception_Ian_and_Tim_performing_Achilles_and_the_Tortoise.JPG (412x479)
Ian & Tim performing
Achilles and the Tortoise
05-25-Adam_22may2000_ACReception_Ian_and_Tim_performing_Achilles_and_the_Tortoise.JPG (608x480)
Ian & Tim performing
Achilles and the Tortoise
05-26-Adam_22may2000_ACReception_Hugo_Maggie_Chaals_DV.JPG (608x480)

Hugo, Maggie & Chaals, DV
05-27-Adam_22may2000_ACReception_LiddyNeville_Chaals_and_Chris_with_roses.JPG (640x480)

Liddy Nevile, Chaals & Chris
* *
* *
* *
05-28-Adam_22may2000_ACReception_Chaals_and_Chris_with_roses.JPG (597x431)

Chaals & Chris
05-29-Adam_22may2000_Pub_MaxF_Yves_Hugo_Benoit_Coralie_JosefDietl_HenningFischer.JPG (608x480)
MaxF, Yves, Hugo, Ben, Cora
Josef Dietl & Henning Fischer

Here continues my photo album...

Tuesday, May 23 2000 : AC Meeting. Team dinner at Sarang Mas' on Damrak
Wednesday, May 24 2000 : All-team meeting at CWI. Miscellaneous pix and pix of the team

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