Amsterdam - Sunday May 21, 2000

Today is *the* big day! I managed to be late (as usual --though it wasn't on purpose) and nearly missed the breakfast.

It was a hard working day for us, administrative support, as we had to prepare the folders for the AC meeting.

The business center we worked in had a computer and a printer, a fax machine, a credit card internet computer and a lousy photocopier. And as a matter of fact what we needed most was the photocopier ; and what we would have wanted to use was the internet computer (if it had been linked to a printer)...

We managed the photocopies as we could, and for the print-outs of late documents, Susan and Lesley had to go to a cyber-café!!

We had about 70 folders ready by the end of new member orientation (Yeah! first goal achieved!) and we kept ourselves busy with the remainder of the folders (~130) before and after dinner.

Our tasks were completed around 10.30 p.m. after the welcome dinner.

04-01-Adam_21may2000_AC_Rehearsal_AdminSupport_in_the_Business_Centre.JPG (456x640)
AdminSupport in the
Business Center
04-02-Adam_21may2000_AC_Rehearsal_Lesley_surprised.JPG (595x480)
Lesley surprised
04-03-Adam_21may2000_AC_Rehearsal_Lesley_smiling_but_blurry.JPG (640x480)
Lesley smiling
but blurry
04-04-Adam_21may2000_AC_Rehearsal_Susan.JPG (595x480)
04-05-Adam_21may2000_AC_Rehearsal_Oops_Josiane_you_look_far_better_in_real_life.JPG (595x480)
(who looks good IRL)
04-06-Adam_21may2000_AC_Rehearsal_Yuko.JPG (408x479)
04-07-Adam_21may2000_ACRehearsal_lunch_Karl_DanielD_Vincent.JPG (608x480)
Karl, DanielD, Vincent
04-08-Adam_21may2000_ACRehearsal_lunch_Teole_Yves_Benoit_Philipp.JPG (595x480)
Téole, Yves,
Benoît, Philipp
04-09-Adam_21may2000_ACRehearsal_lunch_Jose_Yuko_Lesley_Marja.JPG (608x480)
Jose, Yuko,
Lesley, Marja
04-10-Adam_21may2000_ACRehearsal_lunch_Johan_Art_Rigo_Wendy.JPG (595x480)
Johan, Art,
Rigo, Wendy
04-11-Adam_21may2000_ACRehearsal_lunch_Karl_Yves_Benoit_Philipp_Hugo_Gerald_Teole.JPG (640x480)
Karl, Yves, Benoît, Philipp,
Hugo, Gerald, Téole
04-12-Adam_21may2000_ACRehearsal_lunch_Martin_Chaals_Hidetaka_Tim.JPG (608x480)
Martin, Chaals,
Hidetaka, Tim
04-13-Adam_21may2000_ACRehearsal_lunch_DanC_Ed_Susan.JPG (595x480)
DanC, Ed, Susan
04-14-Adam_21may2000_ACRehearsal_lunch_Judy_Yuichi_Michael_Danny_Tatsuya_Max.JPG (640x480)
Judy, Yuichi, Michael,
Danny, Tatsuya, Max
04-15-Adam_21may2000_ACRehearsal_lunch_Norio_Bert.JPG (451x479)
Norio, Bert
04-16-Adam_21may2000_ACRehearsal_lunch_Main_course_salmon_pasta.JPG (640x480)
Main course at lunch,
salmon & pasta
04-17-Adam_21may2000_ACRehearsal_lunch_Chaals_smiling_Tim_behind.JPG (608x480)
Chaals smiling,
Tim behind
04-18-Adam_21may2000_ACRehearsal_after_lunch_Yves_and_DanielD.JPG (608x480)
Yv[r]es & DanielD
04-19-Adam_21may2000_ACRehearsal_Chaals_beside_flowers.JPG (608x480)
Chaals beside flowers
04-20-Adam_21may2000_ACRehearsal_Menacing_Rigo.JPG (608x480)
Menacing Rigo
(the worst kind of Rigos...)
04-21-Adam_21may2000_ACRehearsal_Chaals_and_Rigo.JPG (483x479)
Chaals & Rigo
04-22-Adam_21may2000_ACRehearsal_Tatsuya_and_Max.JPG (550x479)
Tatsuya & Max
04-23-Adam_21may2000_ACRehearsal_Rigo_Thierry_Eric.JPG (608x480)
Rigo, Thierry, Eric
04-24-Adam_21may2000_ACRehearsal_Yuko.JPG (383x478)
04-25-Adam_21may2000_ACRehearsal_Lesley_at_the_break.JPG (640x480)
Lesley having a break
04-26-Adam_21may2000_ACRehearsal_Lesley.JPG (363x476)
04-27-Adam_21may2000_Welcome_Dinner_Karl_Coralie_Thierry_Jeff_AnnBassetti.JPG (608x480)
Karl, Coralie, Thierry,
Jeff & Ann Bassetti
04-28-Adam_21may2000_Welcome_Dinner_Patrick_AnnBassetti_Jeff_DanielD_Karl_Thierry.JPG (608x480)
Patrick, Ann Bassetti, Jeff,
DanielD, Karl, Thierry
04-29-Adam_21may2000_Welcome_Dinner_Thierry_Maggie_Chaals_Tim_Patrick_AnnBassetti_Jeff.JPG (595x480)
Thierry, Maggie, Chaals,
Tim, Patrick, Ann Bassetti, Jeff
04-30-Adam_21may2000_Hotel_Groenendael_DanielD_nearly_asleep.JPG (608x480)
DanielD nearly asleep
04-31-Adam_21may2000_Hotel_Groenendael_Thierry_storytelling_time.JPG (608x480)
Thierry: storytelling time

Here continues my photo album...

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Tuesday, May 23 2000 : AC Meeting. Team dinner at Sarang Mas' on Damrak
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