Amsterdam - Saturday May 20, 2000

The day started again with a big and good breakfast before Josiane, Catherine and I gathered for an hour boat cruise along the canals.

Before we went, we eventually got around to cross the Red Light district. That was quite an experience as well... People had told me about it, but being there in real life makes a totally different impression.

(If you're interested in knowing what kind of impression, read what follows, if not, jump to the next paragraph.)
I looked through the window and saw a pretty girl --quite undressed, I have to say; with a sad look on her face. That's when I realised it wasn't what I expected. What I expected was exactly how I imagined it when it was told to me : seeing without being seen. And there, I felt very indiscreet. As if this girl was being exposed --which she was, you're right ; but as if I was peeking and it was an unhealthy feeling.)

The excursion was very pleasant. Gave me an extra occasion to take pictures :-) There's a tape depicting what we see along the cruise (in Dutch, German, French and English) that the driver stops and plays.

The next step of our day was to go to the Rijksmuseum. Josiane and I boarded the tram and realised after a half hour that the damn thing wasn't nearing the museum! We had taken the other direction... :-( We made the full trip, and again and after almost an hour of tram we arrived at the Rijksmuseum. It was 6 p.m. and it had closed an hour earlier :-( So we took a tram again and returned.

Later this day, I checked in the new hotel, Groenendael's on Nieuwendijk. Tarred with the same brush, this hotel resembled the Schirmann , but the cheapest version of it. The triple room that I was to share with DanielD and Thierry had the same type of furniture. The showers were on the landing (one on each side) and the toilet was on the opposite landing. The bed was comfortable as well. It had larger windows (there was a roof window at the Schirmann's).

It was dinner time by the time I got settled. So I was Mac Donald's-bound. Nice dinner. Familiar actually, no surprise :-)

Around 10 p.m. I was in my bed, almost asleep. DanielD was to arrive soon. I styleng>woke upat the sound of a knock on the door. Sleepy, I opened the door, to realise the knock had been made on the door of the next room... DanielD arrived a half hour later, fresh and clear, ready to party. Well I wasn't. He went partying alone.

03-01-Adam_20may2000_Hotel_on_Singel.JPG (480x640)
Hotel on Singel
03-02-Adam_20may2000_a_street.JPG (640x480)
a street
near the red district
03-03-Adam_20may2000_Sint_Olofskapel.JPG (361x640)
Sint Olofskapel
(location of the AC)
03-04-Adam_20may2000_yawning_cat_and_Josiane.JPG (640x480)
Yawning cat and Josiane
03-05-Adam_20may2000_a_narrow_canal.JPG (640x480)
A narrow canal
03-06-Adam_20may2000_three_red_lights.JPG (640x480)
Three red lights
(...Yes, look closer...)
03-07-Adam_20may2000_a_male_model_Josiane_at_the_back.JPG (640x480)
A male 'model'
and Josiane behind
03-08-Adam_20may2000_canal_in_the_red_light_district.JPG (640x480)
Canal in the
red light district
03-09-Adam_20may2000_part_of_the_red_light_district.JPG (480x640)
Part of the
red light district
03-10-Adam_20may2000_a_canal_and_bridge.JPG (640x480)
A canal and bridge
03-11-Adam_20may2000_a_canal_and_some_church.JPG (640x480)
A canal and some church
03-12-Adam_20may2000_Nieuwe_Kerk.JPG (480x640)
Nieuwe Kerk
03-13-Adam_20may2000_Street_urinal.JPG (348x638)
Street urinal
(No, I ain't obsessed...)
03-14-Adam_20may2000_Josiane_Catherine_beside_an_old_street_lamp.JPG (480x640)
Josiane & Catherine beside
an old street lamp
03-15-Adam_20may2000_Condomerie_and_two_potential_customers.JPG (586x426)
(And 2 potential customers)
03-16-Adam_20may2000_two_forlorn_buildings.JPG (351x634)
2 forlorn buildings
03-17-Adam_20may2000_Oudekerk_tower.JPG (480x640)
Oudekerk tower
03-18-Adam_20may2000_Chris_looking_for_a_hotel_near_the_red_light_area.JPG (410x639)
Chris looking for a hotel
near the red light district
03-19-Adam_20may2000_Hi_Chris.JPG (608x480)
Hi Chris!
03-20-Adam_20may2000_Near_Oude_Kerk.JPG (480x640)
Near Oude Kerk
03-21-Adam_20may2000_Jesus_loves_u_near_the_Barbizon_Palace.JPG (480x640)
Jesus loves U
near the Barbizon Palace
03-22-Adam_20may2000_Josiane_and_Catherine_before_stepping_in_the_boat.JPG (531x479)
Josiane and Catherine,
before boarding the boat
03-23-Adam_20may2000_Coralie_before_stepping_in_the_boat.JPG (455x479)
before boarding the boat
03-24-Adam_20may2000_Home_boat_from_the_canalboat.JPG (640x480)
Home boat spotted
from the canalboat
03-25-Adam_20may2000_No_Parking_here.JPG (640x480)
No Parking here
(At any time?...)
03-26-Adam_20may2000_View_from_the_canalboat.JPG (640x480)
View from the canalboat
03-27-Adam_20may2000_VanGoghs_bridge.JPG (640x480)
VanGogh's bridge
03-28-Adam_20may2000_Home_boat_from_the_canalboat.JPG (640x480)
Home boat spotted
from the canalboat
03-29-Adam_20may2000_Enjoying_this_sunny_saturday_on_their_boat.JPG (640x480)
Enjoying this sunny saturday
on their boat
03-30-Adam_20may2000_Canal_bikes.JPG (640x480)
Canal bikes
03-31-Adam_20may2000_Flying_Dutchman.JPG (640x480)
Flying Dutchman
03-32-Adam_20may2000_View_of_canal_from_the_canalboat.JPG (640x480)
View of canal
from the canalboat
03-33-Adam_20may2000_some_church.JPG (480x640)
Some church
03-34-Adam_20may2000_The_Messina_Sisters.JPG (480x640)
The Messina Sisters
03-35-Adam_20may2000_Mounttoren_from_the_canal.JPG (640x480)
Mounttoren from the canal
03-36-Adam_20may2000_a_sailing_ship.JPG (480x640)
A sailing ship
03-37-Adam_20may2000_View_on_canal_and_bridge_from_canal.JPG (640x480)
View on canal and bridge
03-38-Adam_20may2000_View_on_Centraal_Station_from_canal.JPG (640x480)
View on Centraal Station
from canal
03-39-Adam_20may2000_View_on_Centraal_Station_from_canal.JPG (640x480)
View on Centraal Station
from canal
03-40-Adam_20may2000_View_on_Sint_Nicolaaskerk_from_canal.JPG (480x640)
View on Sint Nicolaaskerk
from canal
03-41-Adam_20may2000_View_on_Sint_Nicolaaskerk_from_canal.JPG (480x640)
View on Sint Nicolaaskerk
from canal
03-42-Adam_20may2000_View_from_quay_Ouder_Kerk_tower_at_the_back.JPG (640x480)
View from quay,
Ouder Kerk tower behind
* *
* *
* *
03-43-Adam_20may2000_a_strange_street-sign.JPG (439x640)
Strange street-sign
03-44-Adam_20may2000_my_new_room_at_Groenendael_Hotel.JPG (480x640)
My new room at Groenendael's
03-45-Adam_20may2000_Coralie_nice_pix.JPG (470x640)
(nice one...)
03-46-Adam_20may2000_Coralie_smile_dark.JPG (480x640)
Coralie smiling
* *
* *
* *
03-47-Adam_20may2000_Coralie_smile_dark.JPG (480x640)
Coralie smiling
03-48-Adam_20may2000_Coralie.JPG (602x480)
(...Yes, again...)

Here continues my photo album...

Sunday, May 21 2000 : AC Meeting rehearsal day, lunch, welcome dinner. Hard day for a Sunday...
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Tuesday, May 23 2000 : AC Meeting. Team dinner at Sarang Mas' on Damrak
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