Amsterdam - Friday May 19, 2000

Today started with an excellent breakfast and a bit of taking-my-time during it (as I had awoken too early for the appointed meeting time with Josiane).

We took the tram with Catherine to visit the Van Gogh museum, which I like (but as I'm not fond of museums, it was just another museum). There are a few pieces of work from Van Gogh that I like. Let's say a dozen. The rest of his work I don't really enjoy as it is my opinion that with such a technique as his, he could have made much more beautiful things (...)

Then we went to the Albert Cuyp Markt. It was a real experience! Essentially cheap clothes, miscellaneous and unuseful stuff, and beautiful cheese, fruits and flower displays.

We dedicated the remainder of the afternoon to sight seeing, having a coffee break somewhere and visiting the shopping mall (unavoidable stop for a woman :-).

02-01-Adam_19may2000_Building_with_gables.JPG (480x640)
Buildings with gables
02-02-Adam_19may2000_Old_buildings_and_older_one.JPG (640x462)
Old buildings and
older one
02-03-Adam_19may2000_Rijksmuseum.JPG (640x414)
02-04-Adam_19may2000_Interim_street_on_Museumstraat.JPG (640x480)
(Interim street?)
02-05-Adam_19may2000_Building_without_gables.JPG (640x480)
Building without gables
02-06-Adam_19may2000_Josiane_and_Catherine.JPG (595x480)
Josiane and Catherine
02-07-Adam_19may2000_The_museums_area.JPG (640x480)
The museums area
02-08-Adam_19may2000_The_museums_area.JPG (640x480)
The museums area
02-09-Adam_19may2000_Rijksmuseum.JPG (640x480)
02-10-Adam_19may2000_An_official_Building.JPG (640x480)
An official Building
(the one for the marine
back in the ole days)
02-11-Adam_19may2000_Boat_over_Boeren_Wetering.JPG (640x480)
Boat over Boeren Wetering
02-12-Adam_19may2000_Mineral_and_Fossils_shop_on_Ruysdaelkade.JPG (640x480)
Fossils shop
on Ruysdaelkade
02-13-Adam_19may2000_Two_strange_bicycles.JPG (609x416)
2 strange bicycles
02-14-Adam_19may2000_Josianes_raw_herring_and_pickle_sandwich.JPG (640x480)
Josiane's raw herring
and pickle sandwich
02-15-Adam_19may2000_at_AlbertCuypstraat_Market_a_strange_costume.JPG (608x480)
Strange costume
on Albert Cuyp Market
02-16-Adam_19may2000_at_AlbertCuypstraat_Market_flower_shop.JPG (640x480)
Beautiful flowers
On Albert Cuyp Markt
02-17-Adam_19may2000_Mounttoren.JPG (480x640)
(the money tower)
02-18-Adam_19may2000_Cyclotourists_on_a_bridge.JPG (640x480)
Cyclotourists on a bridge
02-19-Adam_19may2000_home_on_the_water.JPG (640x480)
a home boat
02-20-Adam_19may2000_Westerkerk.JPG (640x480)
02-21-Adam_19may2000_Keizergracht_and_an_angle_of_the_homo_monument.JPG (640x480)
Keizergracht and a bit
of the homo-monument
02-22-Adam_19may2000_Street_urinal_beside_the_homo_monument.JPG (640x480)
Street urinal
02-23-Adam_19may2000_canal.JPG (640x480)
02-24-Adam_19may2000_Westerkerk.JPG (479x503)
02-25-Adam_19may2000_A_row_of_buildings.JPG (640x480)
A row of buildings
02-26-Adam_19may2000_People_moving_in_furniture.JPG (480x640)
Moving in furniture
02-27-Adam_19may2000_Atlas_and_a_cupola.JPG (363x640)
Atlas and the cupola
of the Royal Palace
02-28-Adam_19may2000_Bridge_over_the_Singel.JPG (639x406)
Bridge over the Singel
02-29-Adam_19may2000_Atlas.JPG (640x480)
water again
end of Prins Hendrikkade

Here continues my photo album...

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