Les Veyans, 25 August 2012

We went for a walk, a picnic at Chapelle Saint-Saturnin, and a swim in the Siagne river around Les Veyans, between Le Tignet and Saint-Cézaire. We returned by walking along the Canal de la Siagne (where there was more swimming, although I'm not sure this is authorised). Features: Vlad, Adrien, Olivier, Daniel, Bert, Cédric and his dogs Glücke and Zozo, Caroline, Jean-Luc, Séléna and Mathis.

Mathis & the toy boat
Mathis' turn to hold the toy boat string. Vlad his holding his hand as we're walking next to the Canal de la Siagne. In fron of them, Adrien and Daniel. the rest of the group is ahead of us.