Les Veyans, 25 August 2012

We went for a walk, a picnic at Chapelle Saint-Saturnin, and a swim in the Siagne river around Les Veyans, between Le Tignet and Saint-Cézaire. We returned by walking along the Canal de la Siagne (where there was more swimming, although I'm not sure this is authorised). Features: Vlad, Adrien, Olivier, Daniel, Bert, Cédric and his dogs Glücke and Zozo, Caroline, Jean-Luc, Séléna and Mathis.

Picnic at Chapelle Saint-Saturnin II
We ate lunch at Chapelle Saint-Saturnin, in the shade. Here, from left to right, Bert, Adrien, Glücke and Zozo (the dogs), Cédric, and Olivier.