Espace Loisirs Émile Roux 2012 dance show

1 June 2012, La Palestre, Le Cannet. The leisure and sports centre of Le Cannet gave their annual show. I attended with my friend Christine, whose son Alexis (my godson) took part in the show.

The first line (photos 1 to 5) are from the classical dance show, La Sylphique, led by Delphine Dupuis.

The rest of the photos (photos 6 to 30) are from the hip-hop dance show, led by Adil Moujahid. Alexis, my godson, is in the youngsters group. (He's a short-hair blond, and he's wearing black and red sneakers). They rocked the place, dancing on Fire (Yes, Yes Y'all) by Busta Rhymes / Joe Budden !

We were really amazed by the dance show. Alexis was excellent and really looked like he enjoyed himself. I am looking forward to next year's hip-hop show.

La Sylphide
La Palestre. 2012 show of the leisure and sports centre of Le Cannet. Classical dance, led by Delphine Dupuis. Show: La Sylphide.