W3C Team Day, 20 March 2010

Many of the W3C staff (there were a few exceptions) travelled to Boston to hold the W3C Team Day. The last time we had all gathered was in October 2008, and we met in Ile Saint-Honorat, in the bay of Cannes. The Program Committee (Daniel, Naoko, Karen, Susan, Marie-Claire) had prepared a very good mix of indoor and outdoor activities. We started in a big room in the Stata Center, brainstormed on our mission as a Consortium, listened to lightning talks and broke out in groups to listen creatively. Too bad we didn't have time to share work tips as a lot of us hoped we would. Then we ate lunch in historic Concord, MA and drove to the Decordova Museum for more outdoor activities, a lovely stroll in the parc in groups, and music at the pipe organ. We stayed together for dinner, back at MIT and were joined at dessert by our new CEO, Jeff, who went from table to table, 'speed dating' style, to greet and meet us.

This is Camila, Mauro and Heather's daughter. She's one year old. And pretty as an angel.